Do facts really exist?!

Between the Yes and No!


Well…you being here only proves the fact that you wanted to make sure if all the facts “you thought” were facts, truly are facts! And yes that’s called doubt and it is the worst enemy a fact will ever face in the argument battle ground! Of course facts have other enemies like denial and rejection but those are clear and straight forward when compared to doubt “I guess” See! how powerful it is. This doesn’t suggest that facts are alone and surrounded by “Fact opposition forces“, because facts in “fact” have allies like the Proof & Evidence Twins and their friends Acceptance and Results.

The opposition has no problem fighting solely, yet the fact cannot face opposition alone in the argument battlefield unless its Allies are there, except for very few occasions where mutual understanding strikes and ends the war. Again this is not to suggest that facts are right and the opposition is wrong, the whole point is that the fact comes first then the opposition arises to be the next fact and that’s why its called opposition.

To conclude:

-Not all facts win all their battles even when fully equipped and well prepared!

-In a battlefield external forces are free to pick sides!

-Sometimes joining one side turns out to be a mistake, so it’s okay to retreat upon realizing that!

-Sometimes the opposition is right!

For me it is a fact that this post has come to an end but for some others it is just the beginning.

Daily Prompts: Fact

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